Our Vision for the Peoples Community Center


It is a vision of service, care and love for the local community and the world.

We see this vision being realized in many ways:

• Indoor basketball and volleyball court

• Meeting space for local groups

• Recreation place for entire families

• Outdoor play area for children

• Afterschool and Day-care programs accessible to everyone

• Practice space for local youth leagues and sports teams

• Welcoming environment for anyone exploring spiritual issues

• Additional space for our Mission Ministry

• A computer lab for students and seniors

• Facility to grow true community

In summary, we see providing a multi-purpose space for education, counseling, recreation, relaxation and worship. We look forward to providing this much needed space where people can benefit in practical, emotional, spiritual and recreational ways.

This will be a place that builds a community reaching across the world to the hearts of many people.

Support Peoples Community Center and continue to help our community thrive!

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